Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Create A Successful Online Buisness - The Imortant First Steps

Online business has made a lot of internet marketers or netpreneurs very rich. As a result many people scramble to have a piece of the huge internet cash pie. Unfortunately a very large percentage of these failed to take off successfully and largely because newcomers ignore the important first steps to get started.

The first step towards creating an a successful  online business is
 building a website.

Does that scare you?
I know it does to a lot of people. Here's where the importance of having  the correct mindset from the very start of your move to create an online business.
Why are you reading this article?

Let me answer that for you - you are thinking of starting an online business, make a lot of money online and use the money for whatever that pleases you. Don't we all!!!

If building a website scares you than this is not the business for you.

A web business is about selling - and to sell you need a shop front - in this case an
 online shop front. If you do not have a shopfront it will be like you are peddling stuff out of a suit case in the real world.
That's not what you want is it?

That's why I mention mindset. You have to have the right mind set to get started and to succeed as an e-marketer running your own
 online business.
What kind of mindset am I talking about?
The right kind of course - serious intent, willingness to learn and do everything necessary to succeed online.
And as I  mentioned earlier the first step is to build a website.

No way you can skip this. Your own website is absolutely a must-have to succeed online. Ignore everything your read about affiliate marketing sales pitch - no website, no product, no promotion - crap - you can add no $$$ to day. That 's the simple truth. 

Lets get back to website. Get into your head -
 building a website is not that difficult. I took only half a day to build my own website -never mind even a basic one.
Of course you can have someone do it for you - it'll cost you some if you can afford it.

No not on your life - not one of those free websites you can get on the net.

Next step - buy a domain name and subscribe to a hosting account.

Choose a domain name that relates to the business, product or services your are going to sell. For example if you plan to sell dog accessories then appropriately your domain name could be '' or '' and such like. Use a bit of imagination here. A domain name is the name of your online store or shop.
Your new website

Right,  you now have a website - that's your online shopfront. Make it simple and load fast to show it's content. Speed is of the essence. Visitors are always in a hurry. If you website takes more than ten seconds he's off next "door" looking for what he wants.
So make your web content catchy and attention grabbing. Add in the latest tools - a video for example to make your site live.

Make your website target focussed. What this means is what product or services are you offering and to what kind of customers. Dedicate one webpage to a single product. Don't clutter and confuse potential visitors. Remember your local grocery store? products are neatly arranged by categories on separte shelves to help customers browse conveniently for to find stuff they want to buy withing having to roam the whole store.

It will take a whole book or a two hour video to explain the features of an ideal business website. But that is not the object of this article.

You are a newbie  who is thinking about starting an online business. So the first step is build a website. No skipping the steps I mentioned here if you want to succeed and make money online.

This article is only meant to give you an overview of your first steps in starting an online business correctly.  Making it a success is a whole book by itself.

'Ya gotta whole lotta learnin' to do, friend'

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Work From Home online; How You Can Earn Extra Money From Home With The Right Business Opportunity

Finding the right opportunity can be a difficult and time consuming pastime; but the chance to work from home online really is an opportunity not to be missed. In order to earn extra income from home the right business needs to be found and all important research is the key. Due diligence is the basis to any business research and it needs to be applied in strength if you want to work from home online. Because there are so many opportunities available; looking at the many options is crucial so that you don't make a profound mistake and invest into something that isn't going to give you the desired income you require. In order to earn extra money from home you need to follow a few simple rules. Time is precious to us all; however this is a commodity that needs to be used wisely so that mistakes are not made with your desired career choice. Reflect back to you starting out into the world of work, choosing the right career was something that you possibly put a lot of thought into. Coupled with possible changes   throughout your working life, has got you to where you are now.

You may be thinking that you don't even know where to start to work from home online, do I really have the skills required and in fact where do I start to learn those skills! In order to earn extra money from home you need to put yourself into the right mindset, positive thinking is en element that can help us to achieve our goals if we choose to apply it. So really you need to start at the beginning and look at your current skills and how these can be utilised to their best advantage. Do you have some basic computer knowledge? If yes; great that's a good start. If not maybe it could be good to enrol into a starter course at your local college to pick up a few basic tips. This might sound obvious but to work from home online  it will help if you have some schooling in basic computing, a great start and will allow you to get into that mindset and not be too worried that you can't achieve your goal which is to earn extra money from home. You will then be on the road to learning some great skills and this really will give you that all important boost to your self esteem. 

Once you have some knowledge and skills at your computer you need to focus on other elements in order to work from home online. So you have spent considerable time looking at your business opportunity, in order to move onto the next stage to earn extra money from home you need to put some foundations in place for your business. Looking at the bigger picture, in order to get your foundations in place to work from home online you need to look at all elements associated with the business. The factors that need to be considered are an auto responder, web design and hosting, banking, and possibly affiliate programmes etc. Although the list is not exhaustive it contains the key factors that will allow you to let up the foundations of your business and then to start looking at the ultimate goal of allowing you to earn extra money from home. Foundations are all important in all aspects of business, not necessarily applicable on some parts to a physical business however the rules apply to all business. Having strong foundations equals a strong focus to your business. Once every element is in place then you can move onto the next strategy  of your business; and that is to start your marketing campaign.

Marketing your business is the main focus when you want to work from home online; however before you can start to earn extra income from home you need to look at how you are going to learn your marketing skills and how you are going to apply the marketing to your business. Even though you are your own boss you will still need to make contacts with other people in order to promote your business and learn from others. Working with other likeminded people is a factor that will help you to really get your business off the ground; learning from others and working alongside them can help your business flourish and grow. Because you have opted to have a business and work from home online doesn't mean that you have to be lonely and not have contact with other people. In fact there is a fantastic online community out there that can really help you and your business grow in confidence as well as financially. After all just because you decided to earn extra money from home doesn't mean you are on your own. Learn from others and you will soon be on the road to financial success

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